This course is meant for the candidate who aspire to become Technician in Electrician. The students are being trained mainly repairing, maintenance and production of different types of electrical equipment and machinery through this course. In public sector and private sector also Electricians are highly required for maintenance, repairing and production of different types of electrical equipment and machinery.

At the end of the course the trainee shall be able to:

  1. Carryout installation , maintenance & repair works of Electrical AC, DC, Machinery, lighting circuits, domestic appliances and equipment’s used in domestic and industries.
  2. Read and interpret the blue print reading (Electrical layout Drawing as per BIS specification &standards).
  3. Carryout domestic and industrial wiring, earthing system.
  4. Test electrical wiring installation, locate and rectify the faults by using megger and earth tester.
  5. Make and solder the wire joints, wires on PCB and do de- soldering technique.
  6. Use of electrical instrument (analog/ digital) like voltmeter, Ammeter, Wattmeter, Energy Meter, Wheatstone bridge, Oscilloscope, earth tester, Tong tester, etc to measure to different electrical quantities.
  7. Armature winding single & three phase motor winding and small transformer winding.
  8. Operate maintain and test the switch gears, circuit breakers, relays and transformers.
  9. Identify and maintain the power generating stations, Transmission a distribution system protecting device.
  10. Practice on using fitting carpentry and sheet metal tools.
  11. Carryout break down, over hauling, routine and preventive maintenance of electrical machines and equipment.

Employment opportunities:

  1. All State Electricity Boards and departments.
  2. Public sectors, MNC, Private and Govt. Industries.
  3. License Certificate for self employment.
  4. Wiring contractors.
  5. Huge job opportunities in power generation, transmission, distribution sectors.
  6. Huge abroad job opportunities.

Course Duration: 2 years

Entry Qualification : Passed 10th class exam (should have Science and Mathematics in class X)

Intake capacity per unit : 20

Trade Test and Certification:

All-India Trade Tests are conducted by the Directorate General of Training (DGT), Ministry of Skill Development And Entrepreneurship under the aegis of the National Council for Vocational Training in July and January every year.

National Trade Certificates are awarded to the successful candidates.

National Trade certificate is a recognized qualification for recruitment to relevant posts and services in Central/State Government establishments.

 Download Complete Syllabus for Electrician Trade